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At nine o’clock, men arrive to claim their wages for the previous week’s work harvesting.

This region of the Pacific coastline in the Southern Colombian department of Nariño has been a historic battle ground for FARC and ELN rebel fighters, paramilitary groups and narcos, drug-traffickers each commanding their own private army.Each man knows exactly how much he has harvested but awaits Léder’s confirmation.The boss takes out a small notebook, smeared with mud and gasoline. A crop, or tajo, can be harvested every two or three months.Léder has three tajos, allowing for a cyclical regrowth of two crops whilst the third is being harvested.

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In this way, coca paste can be prepared every two weeks.Aura, an afrodescendiente, grew up on the banks of the river, and speaks as loudly as if she were trying to talk to someone on the far bank. Long before becoming the owner of his own coca paste laboratory, Léder learnt the tricks of the trade in Bajo Putomayo, during the time when paramilitaries would leave a handful of dead bodies daily at the side of the road.

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