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20-Oct-2017 18:53

To help others see how much hope there is with proper treatment, Alex is documenting her progression through recovery.

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I know it sounds funny, but it's almost like I don't want to let it down.She continues to work to conquer her remaining OCD issues and anticipates, in time, a full recovery from the OCD which has plagued her since the age of four.

Here’s her answer: The concept of younger women dating older men is not new.… continue reading »

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Her movie partner was Keanu Reeves, who played the doctor of her character.… continue reading »

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(Though the series’ protagonist Lara Croft was one of gaming’s first true heroines, her creator Toby Gard “accidentally” increased her bust by 150%, an error that was applauded by the first game’s development team; later releases played up Lara’s sex appeal in marketing materials to increase sales.) In their paper “Sexy, Strong, and Secondary,” researchers Teresa Lynch, Jessica E. van Driel, and Niki Fritz write that “[d]espite an increase in games featuring playable female characters [from 1983 to 2014], games still depict female characters more often in secondary roles and sexualized them more than primary characters.” With the aggressive expansion of online gaming, it became apparent that the games themselves weren’t the only problem.… continue reading »

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However, this is not always as easy as it sounds either, trying to approach someone else at work in the hope that they may also be interested in increasing their social friendship circle can be quite daunting.… continue reading »

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