Topics of discussion for dating

20-Sep-2017 13:58

You can use these questions with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or use them even if you’re married.Use these 25 topics, and you’ll realize just how easily you can build the chemistry and love in your relationship, just by talking about the right things.Happy conversations are the difference between a happy relationship and a boring one.Conversations can help both of you understand each other better, and help both of you bond better.[Read: Things to know before you meet your partner’s parents for the first time] #17 Problems in the bedroom.Never push problems in the bedroom under the carpet.At some point, they’ll always come back to haunt both of you.

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And it’ll always make your partner feel grateful for having you around. If you’ve been dating for a while, talk about where you see yourself five years from now as a couple.

Even if your lover isn’t passionate about cooking, they’d at least appreciate good food.