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The biggest trouble spots were Grand Central Terminal in New York – just 61 percent recognized it – and the Jefferson Memorial, which just 69 percent got right.

" data-reactid="73"At least people could recognize the Grand Canyon when shown a picture of it: 92 percent gave correct answers. Survey Reveals Naughty Traveler Behavior" data-reactid="74"Related: Skinny-Dipping & Drugs?

C., agreed to the MCA's terms, it cannot remove, and neither can its co-defendants. 2001), for the proposition that “affiliate” when used in a contract does not include companies that became affiliated after the contract took effect.

(Photo: Thinkstock)The Griswold family could find the Grand Canyon, but a new survey says most of their fellow Americans can’t.

Centaurus signed the MCA in anticipation of acquiring Grand View and entering into a final agreement with the Helix Entities to construct the solar power plant. Because removal must be unanimous, a single defendant's waiver of its removal rights is enough to defeat removal. The Helix Entities draw the negative inference that the omission of “Proposed Transaction” from one sentence of the FSC was meant to contradict the previous sentence's explicit statement vesting “sole and exclusive jurisdiction ․ for any action, suit or proceeding arising out of ․ the Proposed Transaction.” But this is not a reasonable interpretation. There are four defendants: Helix Electric, Incorporated/Helix Electric of Nevada, L. (“Helix Electric”); Helix Renewables, a California Joint Venture (“Helix J.

In the first half of 2015, Grand View entered into two contracts with the Helix Entities, which have expertise in designing, equipping, and constructing solar power plants. At the time, Centaurus was in the process of acquiring Grand View, which occurred in September 2015. Though Centaurus had not yet acquired Grand View when the parties entered into the MCA, the contract was drafted in anticipation of Centaurus's acquisition of Grand View. V., a California Partnership (“Helix Partnership”); Helix Electric, Inc. C., a Nevada Limited Liability Company (“Helix Electric, L. We have jurisdiction to review remand orders that are based on FSCs. Browning-Ferris Indus., Inc., 252 F.3d 796, 797 (5th Cir. Where an FSC grants exclusive jurisdiction to the “the Courts of Texas,” it is referring to Texas state courts, not just courts located in Texas.

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They are not comprehensive; nor are they presented in a standardized format containing exactly the same information for each state, as you would find in an encyclopedia.

The district court decided that it had no jurisdiction because defendants had granted “sole and exclusive” jurisdiction to the state courts. In December 2015, the Helix Entities sued Grand View and Centaurus in California federal court and removed the Texas state suit to the federal court a quo. A contractual clause prevents removal where the clause amounts to a “clear and unequivocal” waiver of removal rights.