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Similarly, people assume that an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters is akin to an "animal fetish" or sexual attraction to animals—something that, again, is not borne out by the data, which show that furries are no more likely to be sexually attracted to animals than the general population.Yet another misconception about furries is based on the assumption that there is something "wrong" with furries—that pathology needs to be invoked to "explain" why a furry becomes a furry.While many people simply "grow out" of that interest, some people retain a lifelong fascination with it—in the same way that some people continue to love Star Wars or model trains well into their adulthood.Furries primarily discover the furry community online, through furry forums or furry-themed message groups, where members organize meet-ups, discuss content, and do pretty much what you'd expect to find in any fan community.This is one of the traits that makes it far more participatory than other fan communities—rather than passively consuming content, many furries actively contribute content.​Q: You made sure to highlight that furries don't generally experience this interest as a kind of sexual fetish. Why do you think the perception about furries is sometimes so inaccurately sexualized?As such, from its inception, the furry fandom was established as a place where members of these communities could be themselves without fear of judgment.

He presented original research on the furry fandom community, specifically who they are, what they believe, and what draws them to join this unique subculture. Star Trek fans are fans of Star Trek, sports fans are fans of sports.As such, they "fill in the blanks" with assumptions about deviant sexuality, and assume "it must be a sex thing".These misconceptions are also helped along by inaccurate portrayals of the furry fandom in media (e.g., CSI), which characterize furries as sexual deviants in the interest of creating a more titillating story.No one person is the arbiter of what "counts" as furry, nor is there any one unifying piece of content around which the fandom is organized.

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As such, the fandom is more of a conglomerate of artists, writers, costumers, musicians, and fans who congregate and collectively contribute content to the fandom: more than half of furries do some form of graphic art or creative writing, meaning the fandom is filled with thousands of unique content creators.​Q: A strikingly high percentage of furries identify as LGBTQ. A: The high proportion of LGBTQ members of the furry fandom (relative to the general population) is likely a product of several factors, including the fandom's origins and its norms of openness and inclusiveness.

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