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08-Jul-2017 10:32

Not “alien.” To further prove this point, I did some analysis on the highest resolution slide I could find.First, I highlighted what appears to be a gorilla or ape head, in the same case as the “alien.” Would this make any sense whatsoever? In the background of the focal point of the slide, you see, what appears to be, an ape or gorilla like head.I will let a fashion expert figure out the time frame of their clothing, but it does not have feeling of a secret installation housing an alien body.Adjusting the brightness and cropping the slide to highlight the person in the background, reveals a common scenario of anyone taking a photo in a museum.This is the full resolution of what he tweeted, incredibly low resolution.

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Is this why a higher detailed image was not released?Well, that is, if you wanted to fork over some money to watch the reveal.