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One of them said the other day that she thinks it's an instinctive need women have, and that there's something about having a cuckold under her crotch that makes a woman want to humiliate him in that way.

I don't know about the others, but it's certainly true for me.

________________ When Mark returned the next day, our life returned to what had become "normal" for us.

He and my wife slept in the master bedroom, while I took to my lonely bed in another room.

I'll talk to him about it when he gets back tomorrow." I had been hoping she would once again let me watch while she masturbated, and would then reward me by letting me cum in my own mouth, as she had done the previous night.

You know: the misbehavior that forced you to hang me from the tree and have Mark whip me until my cock and balls fell off.Like I said, someday you may have to prove just how much you want to serve me.Until then, let's drop the subject." I had to accept her resolve to not speak further about something she considered to be so unspeakable, for I knew that if I continued to press her, she might order me from her bed.Gripping my erection through my trousers, I stroked it a few times, and that was all that was needed to cause it to fill my undershorts with its slimy load.

I was then able to fall asleep also, and spent the night dreaming of watching my wife masturbating and being fucked by an endless parade of men, each with a cock larger than the one before.I simply couldn't make my mouth form the words that would tell her I knew what she wanted me to do, and that I longed to do it.

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