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12-Jul-2017 19:15

For example, the Hash Map is a general purpose Map (hash table data structure), which should be used whenever you need a hashing-based data structure for storing your mappings (key-value pairs).Tree Map is a Red-Black tree based Navigable Map implementation provides you sorting, on top of hashing offered by Map interface.Worth noting is that this behavior is only applicable to Hash Map, Linked Hash Map, and Concurrent Hash Map, Hashtable is left behind to preserve its legacy iteration order as many legacy Java application relies on that and this changes that order.This is also a good example of why you should not rely on undocumented features of JDK e.g.

You can further use initial capacity and load factor to fine tune your Hash Map performance, to avoid rehashing of Hash Map.This can reduce worst case performance of Hash Map up to O(n).To mitigate the above performance issue, JDK 8 has introduced balanced tree instead of linked list in case of frequent collision in Hash Map.This means you can not only retrieve elements in guaranteed On the other hand, Linked Hash Map is a compromise between these two, it doesn't provide sorting but unlike Hash Map, it provides ordering e.g.

maintaining mappings in an order they are inserted into Map, known as insertion order or order on which they are accessed, called access order.Tree Map is internally based upon Red-Black Tree and Navigable Map, introduced in JDK 6.