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Prepare yourself for continued conflict after the break-up for he will fight the decision tooth and nail.

The narcissist will be worried about how you will make them look plus the added effort of having to find another person to abuse.

As long as you react-in any way-the narcissist will always come back (whenever there is a lapse in whatever supply he’s replaced you with).

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NPD has no conscience, hence his ability to move on quickly to seek a new victim with more supply.

Perhaps the most confusing and difficult thing when being involved with a narcissist is the crazy- making cycles of breaking up followed by the “highs” of making up.

It is an inevitable process that comes with the territory of a narcisstic relationship.

The narcissist will return to see if he can still get his fix from you, or even create supply through your reactions.

The narcissist isn’t ignorant about the pain he’s caused, he just doesn’t care.

His nastiness can range from simple verbal attacks to being downright destructive.