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01-Sep-2017 20:48

Outside the house, Canadian laws governing public nudity are a bit fuzzy.We’re prohibited from being naked in public with the purpose to offend, particularly with a sexual intent (such as flashing), but some practices, such as topless sunbathing, are generally permitted.

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For Kelly Flynn, one of the best things about growing up in a rural area with few visible neighbours was the opportunity to strip down and run free.Most other provinces, however, still require women to cover up.Growing up with parents who are comfortable with their bodies — and and who can step out of the shower without feeling the immediate need to grab a towel from the linen closet — is healthier, explains Dimerman.“A positive attitude toward being naked can diminish the chance that a child will associate his or her own body with shame,” she says.

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“People often associate nudity with sexually permissive behaviours, but most social nudists separate nudity and sex, seeing their bodies as natural instead of arousing.” Dimerman emphasizes that there’s a wide range of normal when it comes to attitudes toward nudity, some based on personal preference and some based on religious or cultural expectations.

Seeing other average, non-model, non-airbrushed women in the buff can offer a healthy example of what a typical female body actually looks like. It helped me feel better about myself.” Inessa says she sleeps naked and, yes, still sometimes hangs out in the buff with her mom and sister in the bathroom.