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06-Aug-2017 05:29

My first day at work is when I met Tyler and we hit it off right away.After some casual flirting, we quickly advanced to becoming an item in less than a week.During a late June evening, I was at Tyler's house and we were in his room hanging out on social media and playing video games before we started kissing.He was also 18 and like a typical boy that age, he was pressuring me to have sex.He was asking me to lunch in the lobby of a five star hotel located on the other side of town.

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He then continued to email me throughout the day so that I could "get to know him better," and he would ask me questions as well. Maybe it was because he was an attractive older man that was built well. He also told me that he was a firefighter along with other personal information.It also inspired me to jack Tyler off every single day for the next week.