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17-Jan-2018 10:10

Lathan was quoted in the Huffington Post earlier in the week voicing her thoughts on Hollywood’s racial disparity.“I think the language needs to change, the language about ‘Oh, this is an Urban film or this is a niche film.’ No, these are Hollywood films.Lathan elaborated on the red carpet by telling that the film will have wide appeal.“The more diverse movies that make money, (the more) they will start making. Her co-star Ealy said that he hopes for “The Perfect Guy” to see the same box office numbers as his “Think Like a Man” sequel, which drew a wide audience last summer.When I met my husband, he didn’t look anything like Morris (He has been mistaken for former NFL star, Donald Driver, though), but that was ok. I was marrying a human being who adored, respected and understood me!Now that Morris Chestnut has stolen the hearts of women all over the world, I hear many single sistas fantasizing about finding a man just like him.This season, Rosie and Villa find themselves in an even tougher situation, when Captain Ryan Slade (played by Eddie Cibrian) joins the east Miami Police Department. We waited all day for his call — which came late — but when the time arrived, it was certainly the best three minutes. Hey, it's not everyday we get to talk to Morris Chestnut, okay? What kind of life lessons have you learned by playing Rosie?

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He’s mysterious, unpredictable, and can leave you breathless. Men like the ones Morris Chestnut plays on the screen can leave you unexpectedly.

“I don’t think any of us thought about race when we did this,” Rosenthal told “I think we were just making a movie and it was just about people in a place and relationships.

It was refreshing to not put it in that context and not put a label on it.

I hate to admit it now, but when I wrote out my ideal man list in my 20s, I put “Looks like Morris Chestnut” up near the top of my must-haves.

What I meant was I wanted a tall, successful man who could wine me and dine me and make me feel amazing.And in order to get real compatibility, you have to dig deeper than the traits on some list.

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