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And no, contrary to popular belief, they are not little people.

Matt and Anna Jones purchased their corner lot home in Brick back in 2000, and located in back yard was something quite unique: a completely operational miniature house outfitted with all the amenities of their new full-sized home––running water, electricity, even a fireplace.

Restoration started, 95% of metal work done, no bondo. Less than 48K original miles, the car starts easily, runs, brakes and steers as it should. Restoration started, 95% of metal work done, no bondo.

Continue reading This car has been in a small, local family collection since 1965!

Any players who needs to purchase a game jersey will need to do so when registering which will result in an additional cost of and the jersey is yours to keep. No worries, when registering simply select "Unknown" as the size and come to one of the in-person registrations, with your player so they can be properly sized.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Anna told Weird NJ, "Unfortunately, people come and steal from it.

We had all these little wooden flowers in the window, and during the summer when we had the little windows open, people would stick their hands right in and I kept noticing flowers missing. There was a hazing and the kids from one of the colleges kicked it in, took the door and left.

I have a little replica soda table from the '50s in there and they stole one of the chairs."Weird NJ: Stanley Hammell's Insulator House The tiny house has long been a fixture in local lore and has attracted the curious from far and wide, many of whom are convinced that it is actually occupied by a family of little people."People think that midgets lived here and say that up at the Stop and Shop Plaza, there used to be a circus." Anna told us.

Continue reading 2003 Car Trailer Open 14′, full floor car trailer with winch and battery.

A very unmolested car that did have a repaint many years ago, …

All late registrations will be charged a late registration fee.

You will have a remarkable and exceptional fuck buddy indefinitely. All models are at least 18 years of age at the date of production.… continue reading »

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Pippa Middleton announced her engagement to James Matthews on 19 July JJ Jardine-Paterson During her time at Edinburgh University, Pippa dated banking heir JJ Jardine Paterson.… continue reading »

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