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28-Oct-2017 04:11

Now, that’s all changing as more and more plastic surgeons gravitate toward Snapchat to document Brazilian Butt Lifts, breast augmentations, and tummy tucks.

And if you’re privy to this new wave, you know there’s no censorship involved. Miami (@therealdrmiami), is at the helm of this recent movement.

Viewers fascinated by the gory and NSFW clips from the surgery room.

In one recent Snapchat, weird social media worlds collided as Dr. Chances are, if you fall into the voyeuristic-viewer category, you’re already familiar with her stomach-churning (or intriguing, depending on who you ask) Instagram videos. Miami would describe them as vomit-inducing, but mostly because of his history with the act.

“I was looking for a platform to show videos where I didn't have to worry about hiding a nipple or worrying about having to stay within specific time constraints,” he says.“For those that have access and the literacy to navigate these technologies, the high interactivity that these social apps offer keeps some audiences interested and glued to their screens.”The fact that the bits of the procedure shown to the public are short and disappear after 24 hours is also a big selling point for clients, says Dr. “Most of the time, people don't even think twice [about agreeing to be on Snapchat], because they know that that's what I do…and it's also because they found Snapchat to be such a useful tool in their search for plastic surgeons, or their preparations for the surgery, that I think people kind of feel an obligation, or at least a desire, to pay it forward,” Dr. “These are people who already know who I am, know what I'm about, know what I do, know my staff, know my nurse; they're totally comfortable with my team before they even come into the office.”A majority of patients do typically request that their names and any identifiable markings on their bodies be covered up, Dr. But then there’s the bunch that's seeking internet fame. “Some people are really into it, it's like performance art for them,” he says.“They're like: 'I want you to write the name of my favorite band on my back, play some songs, and shout out my sister in Kentucky.' It's a little weird, but it works.”The Naysayers Of course, with great internet power comes great responsibility — and critics.What went on in operating rooms used to stay behind closed doors.

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Unless you were a doctor, nurse, or physically in the room (and conscious) during a procedure, you relied on TV shows for an inside look — and, even then, the majority of content was edited or G-rated.

He can’t pinpoint his exact milestone moment, but he thinks it was once he hit 50,000 views.

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