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10-Jul-2017 21:35

Newsom, the state's lieutenant governor, wrote that he felt a “chill down my spine” when he watched the video.

He said while he and the NRA have long disagreed, the video crosses the line of appropriate political debate.

How does it bring people together for common ideals?

How does it do anything but cast Americans as ‘enemies’ to be defeated in a cynical ploy to sell as many weapons as possible? California feeds the world with its bounty, fuels the economy with its innovation, fires the imagination with its creativity.

Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) over his vote to pass an increase in the gas tax.

Those seeking to recall Newman submitted more than enough signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot, if they're all deemed valid.

It’s theoretically possible for a Republican to get elected governor in California next year but it’s not very likely. There’s no guarantee the landscape for Republicans will be better in 2022 than it will be next year, but it certainly couldn’t be much worse.

The partisan volleys have continued this week in the effort to recall state Sen.

They include conservative Orange County Assemblyman Travis Allen and Rancho Santa Fe venture capitalist John Cox.Steven Bradford (D-Compton) spoke about the importance of directing transportation dollars raised by the gas tax increase to businesses owned by women, minorities and people who are disabled.Brown cast it as part of a larger question of equality and opportunity in America.But the discussion took place even as Brown mused about efforts to repeal the controversial tax package, which is expected to raise billion over 10 years for road repairs and other transportation projects."If people want to not fund the roads, then they can put something on the ballot and maybe change things," Brown said. I think they want real, paved roads — and to have paved roads you've got to spend real money."Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who has been lobbied intensely by GOP leaders to run for California governor, on Friday rejected the idea and vowed to serve out his second term at city hall.

"But I think most people in California want to fix the roads."Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), who is running for governor, has filed a ballot measure to repeal the gas tax. I've got a gravel road out in front of my house in the country. Both House Majority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy (R-Bakersfield) and state Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte had urged Faulconer to run.Faulconer ultimately decided not to run because he did not see a certain path to victory, according to a top state party official who did not want to be identified because they were not authorized to speak for the San Diego mayor.