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07-Dec-2017 05:03

A Russian-born Israeli Jew has sparked outrage on social media after sharing photos of himself displaying Hebrew words at Muslim holy sites across the world.Ben Tzion, 31, has visited mosques in Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, where he snapped photos at Mosque of the Prophet in Medina - Islam's second-holiest site.In one photo on Instagram where he posed alongside two men in Saudi Arabia while holding a sword, Tzion wrote the caption,' #Saudi Arabia is with #Jewish #People and Land of #Israel side by side to share #Friendship and #Peace in the #Middle East #Region among #Nation'The blogger said that traveling to Muslim holy sites is simply a hobby and he has respect for Islam and the Arab world.On one Instagram post he wrote: 'Praying for #Peace! For Peace in the entire #Middle East region for all #People.'For Peace among #Jews, #Muslim, #Christians, #Copts, #Druze, #Bedouins and for every descendant of Abraham know as Ibrahim.Additionally, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen do not allow entry to people who have traveled to or from Israel, or those who have passports with used or unused Israeli visas.Under Israeli law, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen are designated 'enemy states' and Israeli citizens can only visit with special permits from the Israeli Interior Ministry.

Sind Sie einverstanden, die Identität dieser Frauen geheim zu halten?Despite the backlash over his visits, Tzion claims he travels to holy sites out of 'respect' and 'love toward people'.Non-Muslims are prohibited from visiting Mecca and advised to avoid other parts of central Medina, where Mosque of the Prophet is located, but Tzion said that the sites he visited were open to the public.Discomfort in the back or neck location can be severe, which comes on all of a sudden as …

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