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01-Jul-2017 10:48

Just be sure you don't give away any proprietary information or trade secrets of past employers.

Unless you recently returned to school or obtained a professional certification, it's usually best to omit education dates from your résumé, Scarborough Civitelli says. In the academic and science fields, for example, hiring managers will expect to see graduation dates. Choose a simple 10- or 12-point font such as Helvetica or Calibri, but when pasting a résumé into an online form, you may need to use plain text, to avoid formatting problems.

They key is to decide on an explanation to frame your path, however winding, in a way that makes sense.

Suppose you left the legal field to work in nonprofit arts administration but then decided to return after a few years.

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You need to address this gap on your résumé, as employers will want to know how you spent the time.If your most relevant accomplishments are not your most recent, start the document with a Career Highlights section and place your greatest hits there, Scarborough Civitelli suggests.Then corral your less relevant experiences from the past 15 years into a second section called Other Professional Experience.In contrast to standard practice 10 or 20 years ago, avoid including your street address on your résumé. Instead, provide your email address, cellphone number and Linked In URL.

If you want an employer to know you're located nearby, add the city and state, Scarborough Civitelli advises. If you own your own domain, like [email protected], that also works well.Your email address should be straightforward and professional. If you have a Linked In profile — and if you're in the job market, you should have one — make sure it doesn't contradict any details or dates mentioned in your résumé.

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