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Both Mc Carty and Advocates for Youth ascribe to the “youth-adult partnership” model of youth advocacy that rejects the “myth of adult wisdom.” They don’t believe that “adults know what is best” or that young people need protecting. And the benefit of “youth advocacy” depends entirely on the values being advocated.

Besides Advocates for Youth, Mc Carty’s book recommends other gems like the pro-abortion Children’s Defense Fund, UNICEF, and the Youth Activism Project (which trains youth as mini-community organizers, agitating for things like Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Laws, an example Mc Carty notes with approval in his book). On the NFCYM’s “Healthy Adolescent Development” page, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry tops the list of “Key Resource Organizations.” The Academy promotes “comprehensive sexual education,” including school-based distribution of contraceptives, and opposes parental notification requirements in sexual and reproductive matters, including abortion.

The NFCYM website and Mc Carty’s book contain similar problems.

Mc Carty’s book, (co-authored with his wife, Maggie Wilson Mc Carty), draws on his NFCYM experience to promote “youth advocacy.” But Bob’s book relies on and recommends an organization that he says, “(P)rovides information on peer education, youth development, and youth-adult partnerships.

But he doesn’t seem to think an organization’s policy on sex and abortion matters much, as long as there’s something arguably good about them.

Timothy’s Catholic Church in Chantilly, Virginia, made national news.13, credits Planned Parenthood’s “close relationship” with WAGGGS for Planned Parenthood’s success in promoting sex and abortion to youth).In Chicago this July, GSUSA will co-host the Girls’ World Forum 2012 with WAGGGS, to “develop action steps” supporting the U. Millennium Development Goals (MDG #5 supports abortion and adolescent sex). The Girl Scouts (GSUSA) has yet to refute even one piece of documented evidence. And the Scouts’ general denials highlight the contradiction between what they say and what they do.It’s an official church organization and has been actively investigating — and mostly refuting — the accusations for several years…The federation’s Web site devotes a page to knocking down rumors. ‘Not true,’ the federation says.” Thank you for shining that light on the NFCYM, Mr. Second, resources promoted on the NFCYM’s website and in the NFCYM Executive Director’s book on Catholic youth advocacy suggest that the NFCYM has little “credibility” to speak to the Church on these issues. When parishes, dioceses, and parents want to know if the Girl Scouts support contraception, teen sex, or abortion (or partner with organizations that do), they ask the NFCYM, or its subsidiary, the National Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts and Camp Fire.

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Although the NFCYM has never conducted or commissioned a rigorous, independent investigation of the Scouts, it reflexively picks up its Girl Scout megaphone and shouts, “Not true! In its 2011 “Position Statement” on the Girl Scouts, the NFCYM declared itself “satisfied” with GSUSA denials.Further, the NFCYM decided that the Scouts’ “official statement clarifying their relationship with WAGGGS and Planned Parenthood…and emphasiz[ing] the primacy of parents’” authority on sexual topics sufficed to end the discussion. )Not one of the Google-topping websites created by former Girl Scouts, concerned parents, and troop leaders to document the Girl Scouts’ problems has received any inquiries or corrections from Bob Mc Carty, NFCYM’s Executive Director, or from the Scouts. Will Mc Carty specify which of their links, statements, or page scans are “not true?

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