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The researchers hope some day not only to understand viruses better, but to use their tricks for nanotechnology.Someday man-made motors like these could deliver medicines to patients or power nano-sized machines.And most of all, be adopted by your Creator (Ephesians 1). 12/30/2008 Dec 30, 2008 — Your job today is to stuff a delicate chain into a barrel without breaking it and make it wrap neatly inside.

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For the past century, Darwin’s only legacy to medicine has been eugenics.

This article reveals that SETI research is not being undertaken by neutral, objective, rational, mechanistic evolved animals, but by human beings made in the image of God.

Though turned aside toward false gods, and pursuing their own vain imaginations, the SETI seekers cannot help but reveal their created nature.

Darwinists are hoping that the salient modern human evolutionary adaptation is amnesia.” Astronomy • Biomimetics • Birds • Botany • Cell Biology • Cosmology • Dating Methods • Dinosaurs • Early Man • Education • Evolution • Fossils • Genetics and DNA• Geology • Health • Human Body • Intelligent Design • Mammals • Marine Life • Media • Origin of Life • Physics • Politics and Ethics • SETI • Solar System • Theology • Zoology Awards: Amazing • Dumb 12/31/2008 Dec 31, 2008 — How does the SETI Institute say happy holidays?

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To find out, visit their year-end press release on

After the Fall, they either were allowed to mutate into machines gone wild, turning on their customers, or were recast as agents of judgment on a world sentenced to death and hardship. Second, they have to deny that anything is evil or out of order. A logical consequence is that it is vain to seek cures for disease. Though known since at least 1980, the area has yielded new fossil sections during mining operations.