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He seemed like a good guy, and I hope he’s doing well, but I have no desire for a repeat.

I’m a really private person and am unwilling to take the risk of my name or picture leaking. My friend’s cousin dated Derek Jeter for a while and had keys to his apartment.

David Lee Roth, despite having just performed a large show, was very intense, energetic and ultimately exhausting. Summer of 2013 my friends and I met Justin Bieber at Muzik Nightclub in Toronto. Said he would have a line of super-young girls waiting to be alone with him. Then he played for 4-5 hours in the kitchen with a stupid audio set. We woke up to his crew cleaning the house and him making pancakes. She said he was sorta hot but had a really small dick.

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Not me but a friend slept with Johnny Borrell, said he was shit and kicked her out at 7am because his girlfriend was coming over. One of my ex girlfriends roommates slept with Lil Wayne back in college after a show in D. When he had finished, he threw a hundred dollar bill at her and kicked her off the tour bus. A close friend had sex with David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper in the 80s. Apparently Alice was a really nice guy who set her up at a hotel room afterwards. My cousin slept with Lars Ulrich about ten years ago. I’m from NY and was back in chelsea on break from college up north.

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