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27-Jun-2017 11:34

We don’t really talk about what that looks like.” It’s no surprise that we still view sexting among consenting adults as taboo — it is, at its base level, communication about erotic desire.But if the past is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before public perception sways in sexting’s favor. Recent research indicates that sexting among adults is pretty common.A study presented at last year’s American Psychological Association (APA) conference found that 88 percent of respondents, ages 18 to 82, reported sexting in the past 12 months.How unthinkable: Sexting might not just be normal among adults, but a part of a satisfying sex life.The study countered what the media often says about sexting: that it’s dangerous and illicit. This colors how mature, consenting adults view sexting as well — as something negative.“It’s appealing to the person who has great difficulty being emotionally intimate, but who feels sexual compulsions, a lack of control over them, and a need to act them out,” she explains.

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But despite the bad PR around sexting, she does it, and she’s not alone in sending those provocative messages.Why isn’t sexting viewed as a normal part of a healthy, committed relationship?