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In South Korea, there is a long history of prostitution near US bases, and fraught relations between locals and US military personnel.One infamous case is the 1992 murder of Yun Geum-yi, a 22-year-old bar waitress.Around the base are posters for new property developments and businesses aiming to take advantage of the cash influx coming from US military personnel and their's reputation as a shady place, plagued by prostitution and human trafficking.Although Vietnam isn’t that broad when it comes to prostitution and such, you can still find thousands of prostitutes around the country especially if you are going to visit the city of Ho Chi Minh.The city is actually the best place where you can find a lot of pretty and sexy prostitutes in Vietnam and here is a simple guide but definitely a very informative one on how you can get laid and find sex in Ho Chi Minh.Most of the signs are in English, the streets are lined with fast-food restaurants, and the street stalls sell french fries and chicken wings beside Korean staples such as blood sausage and rice cakes in red pepper sauce.Pyeongtaek, located about an hour south of Seoul, the South Korean capital, is currently in the midst of a plan to relocate military personnel and their families there from elsewhere in South Korea.

Well, aside from Hoa Binh Park, there are also some other places in Ho Chi Minh where you can find sex and so far, there are these two streets in Ho Chi Minh that I really love to visit when I am in the city: The street of Hai Ba Thrung is actually the main road that can be seen in the middle of Ho Chi Minh and as you visit the street, you can surely find numbers of bars and clubs all over the place.The country's defence ministry compensated farmers for their land, but some refused to sell and were forcibly removed.That led to a violent standoff in 2006, when more than 15,000 riot police and soldiers faced off against thousands of farmers and activists who refused to vacate plots of farmland in Daechu Village.In addition to South Korea, the US also maintains a large presence in Japan, and has bases in Australia and on the Pacific island of Guam.

WATCH: South Korea's Hangover () Vine added, "[M]y fear is that boosting the already very sizable US military presence in the region to counter growing Chinese power may become a self-fulfilling prophecy in only encouraging China to further boost its military spending, making a military conflict and war more likely rather than less likely." Jasmine said she had been in South Korea for just over a year, and that she alternated one-month stints of work as a bartender near Camp Humphreys with seasonal work on farms, harvesting onions and cabbages.When the relocation is complete, Camp Humphreys will occupy three times its current area and its population will swell from its existing size of about 11,000 troops to more than 40,000 service members, making it one of the US's largest overseas bases - an anchor for defending against North Korea and a focal point of the US military presence in Asia.

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