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In this method a piece of data (message) is transformed into a hash value as follows: Note: The term Internal State (IS), depicted in the diagram as red circles, refers to a piece of memory, that is to be at least as large as the number of bits expected in the hash value.The IS at the start of the hash function will be initialised with a predetermined value - this is typically known as the Initialisation Vector (IV).The following is a pseudo code example of a possible implementation of "Mix", that operates on blocks and internal state of size The "Mix" operation denoted above, will compute the multiplication between the current message block and the internal state, it will then proceed compute the sum of the internal state shifted by three bits to the left and the message block shifted by two bits to the right, then it will bitwise xor the first computation with the second and return that value as the result of the mix.Putting it all together requires looping over all of the message at-a-time, performing the mix operation upon each block, updating the internal state and taking care of any remainder bits after the main loop has completed.

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When LUTs are employed in a hash function they are typically used in a combination of one or more of the following ways: is the block of the message in the current mixing round and |P| is the size of the lookup table.

As far as the composition of the LUTs are concerned, the types of values (numbers) used are typically implementation defined.

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