Dating oksana grigorieva

02-Jul-2017 06:43

Oksana recorded Mel yelling at her, saying he would, “come and burn the …

house down,” and that if she got assaulted it would be her fault.

When the tapes surfaced, he claimed they were edited and taken out of context.

The twenty-something and the sixty-something decided that they wanted a kid of their own, despite the fact that Gibson already had eight kids.

Addressing their age difference, Gibson shrugs off the notion saying, “she is an adult and we dig each other.” The romance became serious when Gibson brought Ross to Costa Rica, where he has a 500-acre jungle compound.

It is not surprising, as he says that, “alcoholism is something that runs in [his] family.” On the 27th of July, 2006, Mel Gibson went out for some drinks at Moonshadows bar in Malibu. I quit smoking last week,” Gibson told a barfly who complimented him on his youthful looks.

However, Gibson continued to say he could, “just can’t quit,” drinking. People in the bar offered him a ride home, and tried to take his keys, but it was to no avail.The film was widely controversial, especially to Jewish groups, who claimed the film portrayed Jews as, “evil cabal,” who “relentlessly pursued” Jesus.