Dating gender equality

06-Jul-2017 20:59

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After all, these "microaggressions" are so common that women often don't even notice them.

But they perpetuate stereotypes and assumptions about what women are "supposed" to be like, and encourage criticism of those who do not conform.

This fear of vulnerability can keep men or boys from asking for help when they need it - which can lead to both mental and physical health issues, according to psychologists.

In extreme cases, it can also result in a propensity for violence, with potentially devastating consequences.

Women are "supposed" to be less aggressive than men, more sensitive, have an "ideal" body type, focused on getting married and having children, obsessed with their looks - the list goes on.

Those who do not meet these "criteria" often find themselves at the receiving end of "helpful advice" - or worse, outright jibes - not just from men but also other women.

Beyond causing offence, however, entrenched notions about gender can have more sobering consequences - and not just for women.

The same gender stereotypes that hurt and restrict women can also have a harmful impact on men.

And attitudes, even among the young, seem to have shifted only marginally over the years.

Not because he slighted my appearance - I am perfectly secure in being relatively low-maintenance.

Most of my male peers know better than to explicitly call women less smart or less capable, but other forms of casual sexism and gender stereotyping are still rampant.

It is already 2017, but clearly there are still people who think they can give unsolicited advice to women on how to dress, and offer "helpful" comments that are anything but.

This was not some gentleman of advanced age from whom casual sexism might be almost expected.The Diversity Action Committee - set up in 2014 to improve female representation on company boards - said such representation has risen from 8 per cent in 2012 to 9.7 per cent as at the end of June last year.

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