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One was even his secretary letting him know another woman had called and he needed to call her back.

I thought his secretary was my friend, so hearing that voice mail really hurt.

and the horrible insults, his leaving for days at a time as I found affairs, more and more, I finally filed for divorce.

I hung on so long, prayed, cried, begged, but he just continued and went beserk and lied and lied.

I found social networks, emails, voice mails, pictures (he took them of himself too and they are so vain and sexual), and as I got better at researching I found the disgusting porn sites he paid for, the disgusting male friends he engaged in devaluing women with, the awful and false portrayal he made of me to others.

I found his secret password to open documents and read his letters to and from the other women, listing details of their activities.

They just never said anything because they had no proof, they just felt it. I was horrified, I insisted he get help, he went one time, said the therapist said he had a lot of issues, he came clean with everyone, seemed sincere, ate crow, all the things you would expect, and I thought well he’ll not lie again, he is remorseful, he was traumatized by his wife leaving, etc.

When I found out he was married that first year and confronted him, the reason he said he lied was that the woman who introduced us had gone out with him and he had never told her he was married. etc…made excuses for who I thought was a normal person who made grave mistakes. I did not know people could lie daily and pretend so well…..

As I found more and more, the shock of how deep, how dark, how sick he is, and then his “frustration” and blowing up at me became so great.

A friend called me to tell me he was married with three kids a year later when she found out.

All my family and friends now tell me they never trusted him, they always felt like he treated me wrong, and that he is a player. He went out with her when his first wife was pregnant and they were still together.

I made the mistake of always asking him what was going on when I found things…always lied.

I discovered a double life, I pieced it together and found that when he was the cruelest to me it was when he had an affair going on.

One woman I contacted and she filled me in, horrified because he told her we were in a bad marriage and so on…..

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