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ENTER MATRON, CLAPPING HER HANDS IN AN ATTEMPT TO RESTORE ORDER. MATRON: Now, now, girls, there is far too much frivolity in this dormitory. MATRON: Frivolity, my dear Trixie, is what is being exhibited by your dorm-mates as I speak, and it is most unseemly for young ladies of your class.

You are supposed to be tidying your areas are you not?

David Barrett's popular adaptation has been performed in many countries around the world.

Our version comes with a piano score and orchestral backing tracks for your performances.

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Visit our catalogue page or look at our quick find page to find what you want. THE LAUGHTER EVAPORATES AND THE GIRLS FREEZE IN ALARM. KATE: Oh look, Clarissa, the babies are having a little meeting. KATE: (In a sweet and menacing tone) But this is our dorm, Maisie. We can go where we wish, do what we wish, (pulling Trixie's hair) treat anyone how we wish. Please note: these are not demonstration tracks and do not contain the vocal line. KATE: (Grabbing Trixie by the ear and making her stand) I want to hear it from her. KATE TWISTS TRIXIE'S EAR AND SHE CRIES OUT IN PAIN. Any girl who refuses shall pay a fine of an ounce of hair, torn out by the roots! TRIXIE GETS UP AND IS ABOUT TO SPEAK WHEN DAISY CLAMPS HER HAND OVER HER MOUTH AND PULLS HER DOWN. MAISIE IDLY PLAYS WITH A SKIPPING ROPE, TWISTING IT AROUND HER FINGERS. Samples of our tracks can be heard on the Song Samples page. SHE IS THE ONLY ONE LOOKING FOH AND SHE GASPS AND FREEZES IN SHOCK WHEN SHE SEES A FIGURE DRESSED IN 17TH COSTUME CROSS THE FOH SPACE. You can read a sample of the script here or request a reading copy of the whole play and musical score here.

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The royalties go directly to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.Additional samples for all our shows are available on request and the musical scores can be viewed on the Sample Scores page. (Turning to Trixie, who is now crying) I said, I wanted your name, you ... MAISIE: (Standing and shaking with fear) Mollie, Mollie.

She didn’t know the band then, but now she can’t get Kashmir out of her mind.… continue reading »

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Consider it payback for all those tree houses and snow forts we couldn’t enter as children. And when I went to scrape it off, I tripped and ripped my stockings and it reminded me of the time I was at my ex-boyfriend’s place for Christmas...… continue reading »

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Here are some reasons to NOTE: Updating the graphics driver is not required even though a newer version is available.… continue reading »

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Wrestling in itself it seems like a small bubble in a weird way, but you're kind of lucky to be in that bubble because you're really quickly faced with all types of issues that the real world faces at maybe more of an extended timeframe.… continue reading »

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