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At the same time, the job drains teaching of its chief joy: sustained, meaningful relationships with students.

Yet in 2014, some 623,000 Americans answered school districts’ early-morning calls to take on this daunting task. Baker has written more than a dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction.

Imagine the texted OMGs and weeping-laughter emoji had Baker’s students dipped into his notorious 1992 novel, Vox, an account of a man and woman having phone sex on a pay-per-minute chat line.

(At one point, the guy runs into trouble xeroxing his penis for a co-worker he is trying to seduce—ah, the pre-sexting inconveniences!

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It is the most versatile in its class due to a high moisture and oil content, and denseness of flake.Baker often filled in for “ed techs,” aides who shadow students with special needs, so he was ideally positioned to get the kid’s-eye view.And the kids, in his telling, are mostly all right—funny, genial, and curious, even if exhausted.Where found: Two distinct deep-water grouper species, taken from depths exceeding 400 feet.

Snowy grouper have been taken from waters exceeding 1,000 feet.

Whether in pursuit of new material or because the economic plight of even acclaimed literary authors is more dismal than we knew (or both), he applied to be a sub in a “not-terribly-poor-but-hardly-rich school district” within driving distance of his home in Maine, where he lives with his wife.